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Oxygen Anytime, Anywhere

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Are you a new oxygen user fearing the loss of your freedom? Or are you a current oxygen user who is tired of carrying around heavy cylinders and running out of oxygen? Then a  Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the answer for you! MedLife offers a variety of Portable Oxygen Concentrators, also known as POC's to fit virtually anyone's oxygen needs.

What are the advantages of a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

No filling required! Portable oxygen concentrators continually produce oxygen themselves. Say goodbye to transporting multiple tanks and the fear of running out of oxygen.

Portable! Like in the name, a Portable Concentrator can go virtually anywhere. With the ability to use an AC electrical outlet at home, DC power while in the car and battery power while on the go, the sky's the limit!

FAA Approved! Portable concentrators are approved for airline travel. Now, you can take that dream vacation you've been putting off!

Inogen One G3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator
How do you choose a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

*Did you know Portable concentrators are split between two categories?: Pulse Flow or Continuous Flow 

Do you simply want to get out during the day to run errands, go to Doctors Appointments or a family get together without running out of oxygen in a short couple of hours? Our  Pulse Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrators have great battery life for just that reason! If you are looking for the longest battery life, check out the Inogen One G2 or Inogen One G3. If weight is a concern, then go with the AirSep Focus or AirSep FreeStyle. We also carry the Invacare XPO2 and LifeChoice Activox

(Click here to compare our Pulse Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrators)

Do you sleep with a CPAP or BiPAP? Do you like to travel away from home on overnight stays? Then a  Continuous Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the answer for you! Our Continuous flow portables provide up to 2-3 lpm continuous flow for night use and also provide Pulse Flow settings for day use to conserve the battery life. The lightest of these portables is the Respironics SimplyGo at 10 pounds. We also offer portable concentrators with higher flow settings up to 3 lpm which are the SeQual Eclipse 3SeQual Eclipse 5Invacare Solo2DeVilbiss iGo, and Oxlife Independence. Although Continuous Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrators are bigger, they still give you the portability you've been wanting with the power of your stationary oxygen machine.

(Click here to compare our Continuous Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrators)

Respironics SimplyGo

How do you monitor you oxygen levels while using a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

Fingertip Pulse Oximeters are a handy device used to spot-check your own blood oxygen level on the go. Now there's no need to wait until your next Doctors visit to know what your level is! We offer a variety of Fingertip Pulse Oximeters. Most come standard with a lanyard and carry case.

How do you learn more about Portable Oxygen Concentrators?

Our MedLife family has over 18 years of medical sales experience and only offers top quality equipment you can rely on. Our Respiratory specialist can help narrow down which Portable Concentrator will best fit your personal needs. As you now know, not all Portable Oxygen Concentrators are the same!

Call to speak with a MedLife Respiratory Specialist at 888-255-7540 today.  

SeQual Eclipse 5

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